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Dictaphone has a nice foot pedal system.  The only time the pathologist uses his/her hands on it is to dial their respective log-in credentials at the beginning, and to send the dictation at the end.  If they ever figure out that the gross tech can do that for them, they wont ever have to touch it again.  Good luck,

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	The pathologists here are looking for  a dictation system that allows all
	dictation functions to be accessed through a foot pedal. Our current system
	has been onsite modified to allow the concurrent use of the foot pedal with
	a dictation microphone while they are prosecting. This has the disadvantage
	that a switch on the microphone needs to be worked to change from the
	dictation mode to transcription mode (and vice versa) to allow review and
	editing of the macroscopic dictation. They find this inefficient and
	The pathologists would also like to use a foot pedal and boom microphone
	while dictating microscopics instead of a hand microphone.
	All stand alone dictating dictating systems seem to expect foot pedals and
	headsets to be used for transcription only and handheld microphones only to
	be used for dictation. I believe some central and digital systems allow foot
	pedal and mic but they are not an option at this time.
	Does any one on the list have experience, comments or pointers?
	Raoul Regnault
	Anatomic Pathology
	Kootenay Boundary Regional Hospital
	Trail BC
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