RE: [Histonet] Re: DMSO

From:"Steven E. Slap"

Dear HistoNetters

I agree absolutely with this.  I also want to 
point out that Paraplast PlusŪ paraffin has DMSO 
in it.  If you read the container it comes in, it 
warns you not to get the wax on your hands!  Of 
course, the DMSO is exactly what helps the 
paraffin penetrate the specimen better, but I 
would truly hesitate to use a wax which helped 
whatever else I was handling in the lab penetrate 
my skin, which is why I always counselled against 
its use in my microwaves.

best regards,
Steven Slap
Microwave Consultant

At 12:54 PM -0500 1/15/04, Smith, Allen wrote:
>Although pure dimethylsulfoxide is only slightly toxic (less toxic than
>rubbing alcohol), DMSO carries anything dissolved in it through most gloves
>and through skin.  If the DMSO contains anything you wouldn't want to eat,
>wear butyl rubber gloves when handling it.

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