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Thanks, Charles!  I have sent the gif file to as "Freezing 
artifact Jan12".  I forgot about that feature, but I did remember that I'm 
not supposed to attach files to postings!

Thanks to everyone who responded to my plight. The general consensus is 
slow freezing (not methybutane in liquid nitrogen) in a -70 freezer or 
cryostat caused this large ice crystal artifact.  I love you guys!

Jackie O'

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01/12/2004 02:16 PM

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Remember, you can post pictures on and then refer to them by 
name in your email to the regular histonet.

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Subject: [Histonet] Frozen section ice artifact

Yo Histonetters, and Happy New Year.

I just cut some frozen sections of solid tumors in OCT which were supposed 

to be snap frozen in liquid nitrogen after being put in plastic cryomolds. 
I have never seen such horrible morphology in my career.  I think this is 
an example of the absolute worst ice crystal artifact I have ever seen, 
but since I have never seen anything this bad before, I don't know what 
I'm seeing, you see?    I hope I've intrigued someone enough to email me 
directly, so I can send you a gif file of this atrocity.  I think the 
tissues were mishandled prior to freezing (someone else froze them) and 
I'm trying to figure out what happened so I can correct the problem.  I'd 
appreciate anyone who would like to take a look at this artifact - it's 
awful, honest!

Jackie O'Connor
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