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From:"Molinari, Betsy"

Sorry for the confusion,  initially I was talking about COBr2,  then the
researcher came back and stated that it may not be COBr2 but CoBr2. Yes,
COBr2 is the byproduct of Halon 1211.
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I'm slightly confused about your email to the histonet.  Initially, you
wrote COBr2 (carbonyl bromide) and then in your reply you wrote CoBr2
(cobalt bromine).  Yet your email sounds like cobalt bromine is the
byproduct of Halon 1211.  COBr2 (carbonyl bromide) is the byproduct of
Halon, not cobalt bromide.  
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Subject: [Histonet] COBr2 
Thank you to all who answered my question. I did go to MSDS websites, 
but there was much there. Thanks to Mr. Monson, I did go to the NIST 
WebBook and found the most information and it is, as Mr. Monson and Dr. 
Smith pointed out, a by-product of Halon 1211. 
 After presenting all this to the fellow he has changed his mind and 
decides that it is CoBr2 (cobalt bromine). I think we will send him back

to the library. Frustrating. Thanks again. Happy New Year! 
Betsy Molinari 
Texas Heart Institute 
Houston, TX 77225 
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