[Histonet] Tamtron (HELP!!!)

From:"Jesus Ellin"

Hello there everyone thought that I would write to those that help me out with Tamtron and got me started but I am in a bit of a hole here,, our go live date has been pushed back and I am in need of some futher assistance,, We currently have the latest version of Tamron that is available ,, but we are having some difficulties with implementing the system,, our dilema is that we are going from a manual system that has been in place for over 50 yrs and going completely computerized and paperless,, also out of our 4 pathologist only 1 of them can turn on a computer,, I guess what I am getting at is, was anyone faced with the same dilema and if so what type of advice can you offer,,,???  I have had some really good starting points with paperwork and getting organized,, but what red flags should I be looking at before we lock down our system ,, and can anyone tell me what I should look out for or do to try and stream line the procces for the rest of the staff aka( Pathologist, Histo-Techs and Sect.)  if you can please email me at :  jellin@yumaregional.org all your help is appreciated

Jesus Ellin
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