[Histonet] Steve Slap Please Read


Hello, Steve:
No matter what, you are still the microwave specialist and I need your input, 
if you would be so gracious as to reply.

Our Milestone Renaissance is being used daily for a run of placenta blocks. 
(I know bloody specimens are not highly recommended for microwave.) Do you have 
any idea why paraffin is being sucked into the vacuum tube?  This is 
happening at various times....not necessarily when it has a full load. Our first run 
of biopsies is fine.  The placentas are on the second run.  The paraffin is up 
to temp @ 80 C.  We were wondering if the problem is simply because they ARE 
bloody tissue and we just need to change the paraffin if we wish to use the 
microwave for this application.  What do you think?  I sure would appreciate your 
expert knowledge on this.
NOTE:  Anyone else who has any ideas (Tim Morken, during your CDC days?) .... 
 you are most welcome to jump in. 
Steve, I hope you had a good holiday.  Happy 2004!!!!
Same to all you people around the world who read and learn from HistoNet. 

Dannie Blake, HT (ASCP)
Sierra Pathology, Fresno Community Hospital
Fresno, California

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