[Histonet] Frozen section ice artifact


Yo Histonetters, and Happy New Year.

I just cut some frozen sections of solid tumors in OCT which were supposed 
to be snap frozen in liquid nitrogen after being put in plastic cryomolds.
I have never seen such horrible morphology in my career.  I think this is 
an example of the absolute worst ice crystal artifact I have ever seen, 
but since I have never seen anything this bad before, I don't know what 
I'm seeing, you see?    I hope I've intrigued someone enough to email me 
directly, so I can send you a gif file of this atrocity.  I think the 
tissues were mishandled prior to freezing (someone else froze them) and 
I'm trying to figure out what happened so I can correct the problem.  I'd 
appreciate anyone who would like to take a look at this artifact - it's 
awful, honest!

Jackie O'Connor
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