[Histonet] Cost Containment - Blades question

From:"Louri Caldwell"

Hi everyone,
First of all - happy holidays to all you wonderful people.   
As you know - the end of the year is coming and we've been reviewing costs of the lab for the past year.  These questions came up and I'm looking for some input.
Have any of you used steel blades for paraffin sectioning instead of disposable blades?
Is this practical - meaning how many blocks is one blade able to section before being sharpened, and what is the minimum cost involved in the sharpening process?
Is there any way to sharpen disposable blades?
What is the average amount of blocks a technician is able to cut/blade - both using disposable and steel?
What is your disposable blade of choice?
Any guidance you may provide would be greatly appreciated.  Thank you in advance for your help.

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