[Histonet] Complaints against gremlins

From:"George Cole"

Gremlins, you say? I have quite a few
Of those pesky varmints---a regular zoo---
Tipping things over and thumbs on the scale
Streaking my silvers, turning them pale.
They sneak into mixtures and sneak in fridges
Many, so many disastrous midges----
They come though the windows, they come under doors
They lurk behind bottles and hide in the drawers
They wreak and they wreck, pestiferous crew
With sand in the works, with hardning, with goo!!!
So histotech Schmedly, sought frantic respite
To catch evr'y varmint, culprit and sprite:
He set up a system for catching The Things
With trap doors and latches, with bait hung on springs
With infinite mazes, with net and with noose
To catch the offenders and NOT turn 'em loose!
He baited the thing with some cinnamon toast
(Twas said that's the goody they fed upon most)
He set it all up and all he could get 
Was a note hung on it of gremlin regret:
"We need more nice toast, and, please, ninety two
Napkins and pretzels and noggins of brew!" 
Having feasted with gluttony, fickly they bit
The hand that had fed them, in manner---to whit:
Reading the nature of Schmedly's device,
The gremlins reversed it---O Guile!!  In a trice
Poor Schmedly got glupped  with a Whomp and a Zing----
Leaving his right shoe in front of the thing. 
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