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I did this stain when I worked at a private Tox-Path lab. about 6 months
ago.  It works fine following the directions given on the web
site...however as with all stains a good positive control is critical. 
i don't have micrographs as this was done at my old part-time job and
everything I did there, stays there.  

I also agree with John Kiernan it is a dye of unkown composition and is
very expensive for what you get.  

Robert Schoonhoven

Quoting Sharon Cooperman :

> Has anyone tried Fluoro-Jade and had it work?  I've found web sites 
> (including the manufacturer's) that show great pictures, but everyone
> I've ever talked to who tried it says it doesn't work (many more 
> people say it doesn't work than say it does.  I want to try it on my
> FFPE mouse brains, but I don't want to waste a lot of time if it's 
> hopeless.
> Sharon
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