Re: [Histonet] arabinose antibody/lectin

From:Sharon Cooperman

I don't know if they have lectin specific for arabinose, but Vector 
labs has a bunch of lectins, including lectins coupled to HRP.


>Dear all,
>Does anybody have idea where I could find an antibody (ideally) or
>lectin that is specific for arabinose that I could use for paraffin
>many thanks in advance
>Charles Lawrie
>Dr. Charles H. Lawrie,
>Nuffield Department of Clinical Laboratory Sciences,
>University of Oxford,
>LRF Immunodiagnostics Unit,
>Room 5501, Level 5,
>John Radcliffe Hospital,
>Oxford. OX3 9DU.
>Tel: (01865) 222197
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