[Histonet] STAT renal, liver and pancreas charges/cpt codes

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Martha, I forgot to mention that the STAT renal or liver or pancreas needle biopsies received before 11am are given a preliminary report via HRLM studies on the same day!

Teresa Flores


Pathology, EM Lab

New Orleans, LA

Martha, sorry, I have been on vacation and just did return.

Please go to our WEB site at http://www.lsuhsc.edu/no/schools/ms/departments/pathology/pathist/dx_home.html

I am checking to see if our charges are in our web site and if not, we are placing them in there, but here they are for they time being.

For a biopsy to be processed STAT the requisition form must be labeled STAT.  Remember that the cut off time for STATS is 11:00am. Specimens that arrive before 2pm will have 24 hour turn around time. Specimens that arrive after 2pm will have a 48 hour turn around time.


Immunofluorescent (IF);  High Resolution Light Microscopy (HRLM);  Transmission Electron Microscopy (TEM)

Level IV and Level V HRLM only

CPT Code 88349 (Routine) $400.00

CPT Code 88349 (STAT) $500.00

CPT Code 88349 (Unsatisfactory) $160.00

CPT Code 88346 (Routine) Each antibody is $50.00

Performed are: IgG, IgM, IgA, C3, C1q, (C4d for transplants on request), Fibrinogen, Kappa and Lambda.

CPT Code 88346 (Unsatisfactory) $50.00

CPT Code 88348 (Routine) $800.00 Price includes HRLM, TEM and immunofluorescent studies.

CPT Code 88348 (STAT )$1000.00


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We are currently looking at our charges and procedures for renal biopsies and my manager wanted me to see if anyone on the Histonet would be willing to share what procedures they do for renals (ie, special stains, immunos, EM, etc.), the usual turnaround time, and total charge (both professional and technical).  Thank you in advance for any information.  You may reply to me personally or post on the Histonet


Martha Ward

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