[Histonet] Lack of communication of JNEN

From:"George Cole"


This is One-Note George here----in July, when I started offering the packet of videos and pages of muscle and nerve biopsy techniques, I was full of the subjects of histochemistry on those tissues.  Now, after about a thousand 2 and 3 and 4 letter processes that I know nothing about showing up day after day on the histonet----I know BVD’s but they are my own----and all the new procedures---honest to pete---you histotechs have hoisted yourself up the science ladders to equality with the Med Techs----at least you can snow me even more often than they can.  When I started.as a histotech  43 years ago, there was a  3 by 7 foot table strung with tubes and  tubules----doing Med Tech Magic----in the middle of the lab where they ruled with magic and test tubes. Med Techs hovered next to the residents in the hierarchy, Vampires, with their needles  and histotechs with their paraffins and a hat full of stains huddled busily far down the pecking order. Now there are new machines still buzzing and honking in the med tech’s spaces----but the med techs now have to come to the histotechs often to ask you to do things they know nothing about----you must fight the urge to quote that character from one of  Dicken’s great novels---- ‘’DON’T KNOW YA, DON’T KNOW YA!!!”  Immunos, antibodies, mysterious initials---GLORIOSITY----you histotechs have mysteries enough to wield to snow the neuropathologists  themselves!!! It’s an honor to call myself one----and a keen observer will note I always have my fingers crossed and stand ready to run for it, when any of you start asking How-To questions. 



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