Ventana Benchmark and Inform HPV

From:Gary Gill

Is anyone using these ASR high and low risk ISH probes on conventional Pap
smears and/or ThinPrep Pap tests?  If yes, let me know.  I'd like to get
some idea of how widely it's used.

Also, I'd appreciate your relating salient details  (e.g., how long, how
many cases of each per week, validation approach, cost-effectiveness, novel
uses [e.g., on cervical tissue for QA to demonstrate whether HPV-infected
cells are included within the margins], in-addition-to vs. instead-of
Digene's hc2 HPV DNA test, high risk only or both high and low risk,
satisfaction within the lab among those who must perform the test, as well
as those who must screen the slides and interpret the results, on reflex
basis following an ASC-US result, CPT codes, reimbursement, etc.).  Respond
to me individually if you like.  Many thanks.

Gary Gill

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