Variability of histology staining-request for input

From:carl hobbs

Tolerance is a virtue
 Russ Allison,
 Dental School
So , when you get staining variability........hey! relax, no big deal. Be
tolerant- as Russ says. Right, Russ? lol ....not quite the message you gave
to your students a few years ago. As an Honourary member of The Musketeers,
he was a Hard Man. ;-)
Only's Christmas.
As already suggested, times are rather short. Relax, take longer ( at least
double) in each step.....Dewax in a longer soak in xylene....ahhhhh, feels
better already. Harris' is a HEAVY Hx, so take longer afterwards. Overstain
in Eosin, then give the sections a relaxing, gentle dunk in each subsequent
reagent ( no slacking, mind)

 Best wishes

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