Tape-Transfer and bone sections


Teri is using the Instrumedics Paraffin Tape-Transfer system and asked for
help with transferring bone sections from the tape to the slide.
Bone sections are at best difficult to cut  however, the following
suggestions I believe will help.

When cutting bone it is critical that the knife edge is sharp and undamaged.
A tungsten-carbide knife is generally required for cutting  3-4 month old
mouse femur and head bone. The disposable blade will not cut a section where
all the elements of the bone are captured flat on the tape. This cannot be
assessed by eye! Unless the section is truly "flat", parts of the bone will
not adhere to the adhesive coating and will not transfer to the slide.

The section must also be laminated well to the adhesive coating so that the
entire section is anchored to the slide after the adhesive is cured under
the UV lamp.

The hardness of the paraffin might also contribute to the problem and other
paraffins might work better.

Happy Holidays!


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