Stable DAB

From:Patty Kubier

Hello All,
     Is anyone using stable DAB from Invitrogen (previously Research 
Genetics)?  In is provided in a 250ml bottle and is ready to use, cat# 
750118.  The company has informed me that this product is back ordered.
If anyone could spare (2) bottles and ship to my laboratory directly ASAP, 
it would be greatly appreciated.  I do have DAB on hand that requires 
mixing, as a back up, but we are partial to this DAB.  You can reach me at 
800-638-2000, ext. 2038.  I will provide a UPS account number to pay for 
shipping. Thanks for anyone who can help me in this matter.

Patty Kubier
ProPath Laboratory
8267 Elmbrook, Suite 100
Dallas, TX  75247

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