Re: Zinc Formalin and H&E Staining


At 3:40 PM -0500 12/26/02, Mary Reeves wrote:
>I have a pathologist who insists that fixing tissue in Zinc Formalin 
>is causing poor nuclear detail and an overall cloudy appearance. 
>Has anyone out there in histoland dealt with the issues caused by 
>zinc formalin in there lab?

Hmmmmm. We just switched to zinc formalin because we were getting the 
cloudy artifact and it has gone away completely. Nuclear detail has 
never been better and micro-chatter on colon polyps has disappeared.

I am convinced that the phase of the moon during which a decision to 
make a change in a histology procedure is critical to the results 

Wm F Blank MD
Heartland Laboratory, Inc
Chaffee, MO 63740

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