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From:Todd Sherman

Hello Parkash,

The image software that I remember using briefly was NIH Image, as in National Institutes of Health Imaging Software.  Actually, I 
used a win32 ported version called Scion Image for Windows.  It basically mimics the Mac version (NIH Image).  A Photoshop clone 
that is quite good is GIMP (aka "the Gimp") that is freeware under the GNU license.  I've never used Strata Studio so I cannot 
comment on its merits.

None of the software that I described would be considered 3D software because they only manipulate a single plane at a time.  I 
guess layering could create a pseudo-3d analysis but it still boils down modifying and filtering a single layer and superimposing if 

A quick search at will lead to numerous links to all sorts of products.  Specifically, but not exclusively, check 
out to get a sample list of various imaging programs for lab/clinic use.  
This list has changed since I last searched for software of this type several years ago so my experience with the programs on the list 
is either dated or absent.  I know that GIMP is under continuous development even though it is free and is quite serviceable despite 
its generic applicability.

I apologize for the brevity of my suggestions except that it is difficult to recommend any particular imaging software because the 
needs of every lab is different.  Only by trying demos can you really determine if a program will suit your needs.  I cannot say that any 
of the software that I have used was designed specifically for IHC exclusively, but all of them have the capacity to modify regions of 
interest (ROIs) in some form or another.  There probably exists some IHC-centric application somewhere, but I've not found it 
because I haven't had the need to do so.  Scion Image and Photoshop suited me fine for our lab's needs.

Hope this helps,

PS- Merry Christmas to you, too.

Todd Sherman
HistoSoft Corporation

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Date: 18 Dec 2002 22:39:28 -0600
From: Kid'surgeon * 
Subject: inf

Dear Sherman

Goog inf about the use of photoshop in the IHC. I would like to know about some good useful 3D softwares for histopathological study. Can u help me?

We have used Starta Studio in past for some work, but can u suggest some others better than this?



Parkash Mandhan

*chch, nz.*

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