Re: Photoshop and Image Analysis

From:Todd Sherman

Hello Ronnie,

I used Photoshop 5 LE to perform professional image analysis on gels and what-not but quickly upgraded to the full version because it 
had so many other tools for enhanced effects.  For basic analysis the LE would probably suffice, but you'll only know for sure once you 
start processing your captured images.  Only experience with the program can tell you if it will meet all of your needs.  There are other 
software programs for image analysis that might serve a subset of functions that are more specific to your IHC applications.  A Google 
search and some homework will provide more than you really want to know.

Now as for convincing your employer to provide the right tools for the job... that's another issue.  In my experience both as a researcher 
and now as a company owner/computer technician/reserach application developer, the cost of software is trivial compared to the 
learning curve and time investment of using that software.  A couple of hundred dollars in price difference between LE and Full version is 
peanuts if the full version has but one or two extra features that make the image analyst more productive.

If your company cannot afford to purchase the latest and greatest Photoshop (if indeed you opt for Photoshop as your imaging suite), you 
can always purchase an older, full-version release.  The latest-and-greatest version is almost always overkill and potentially buggy.  
Unless there is a specific feature in a new release that you must have, I would recommend a cost-conscious researcher to purchase the 
second most recent, full-featured version from a discount software vendor.  The economic benefit of this is some current savings with a 
potential future discount on an upgrade to a newer release.  The analytic benefit is that you will most likely be able to do anything and 
everything you could imagine as well as some things you cannot imagine.  The technical benefit is that you should receive full support 
from Adobe in some capacity as well as getting software that has been hardened in the field, ie. patched and relatively bug-free.

Overall, on the plus side, the full version will perform exhaustive image manipulation capabilities.  On the minus side, the full version will 
perform exhaustive image manipulation capabilities.  Only by trying out the full version with your specific analyses can you determine if LE 
will match your desired features.

One last note - you might be able to get a discount if you are a non-profit or educational institution.  From the domain name in your email 
address, it appears your company might qualify...certainly worth pursuing.

Hope this helps,

Todd Sherman
HistoSoft Corporation

Date: 16 Dec 2002 10:30:27 -0600
From: "Houston, Ronnie" 
Subject: Photoshop and Image Analysis

     I know that Photoshop has been used for IHC image analysis in the
     past, and I have the full version 7.0 (for Mac) at home; but is
     aware if Photoshop LE is powerful enough for the same purpose?
     Not sure I can get my employer to fork out the money for the full

     Thanks for any help

     Ronnie Houston
     Regional Histology Operations Manager
     Bon Secours HealthPartners Laboratories
     5801 Bremo Road
     Richmond, VA 23226

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