Re: Multiple site prostate biopsies

Each quadrant for the right side is inked a different color (the dark colors
are better, we use red/blue/black), then wrapped together in lens paper and
placed in a cassette.  The same is done for the left side.  We histotechs get
a copy of the requisition telling us how many cores we should have.
We have also had them submitted in separate cassettes (if a pathologist
grosses in instead of the assistant). since we do levels on each one, this
makes for a lot more work.
Hope this helps.
Cindy DuBois, HT
Delta Pathology Assoc
Stockton, CA

On Fri, 27 Dec 2002 11:02:17 -0500 "Cornett, Lorraine D"

> Histonetters,
> I am curious as to how you receive your
> multiple site prostate biopsies, do you receive
> multiple quadrants per side, if so, how do you
> process embed and cut them?  Do you use multi
> compartment cassettes, keeping different
> quadrants from the same side, seperate in the
> same block?  Do you use ink to identify
> quadrants from the same side?  
> Please  give me all ideas and suggestions that
> your lab uses?
> Thanks in advance
> Lorraine Cornett
> Histology Supervisor
> Blue Ridge Pathology Consultants
> 423 224-6767

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