Re: Immunohistochemistry on sawn section

From:Gayle Callis

I know of no one who has success with ground sections, etched and

Methylmethacrylate must be totally removed from tissues for
immunohistochemistry.  Tissue in PMMA should be sectioned on a microtome
sections, then remove PMMA from sections using warm xylene, proceed with
staining.  There has been much discussion on this, so check out Histonet
Archives, look for Neil Hand - he is a wizard at IHC/PMMA embedded tissues,
with plastic removed and has had many publications on this.  

At 06:48 PM 12/16/02 +0100, you wrote:
>Is anyone of you familiar with immunohistochemistry on sawn PMMA section?
I've already tried this a few times, but when I try to remove the
PMMA-resin the slices come loose. Normally I use a UV-curing glue for
fixing the slices onto the glass, but then I can only perform a
surfacestain on the slices (after a brief resin-removal).
>Also I've done some testing with silane-treated glassware. This helps a
jus a bit. Recently I had one succesfull effort (just one) with
silane-treated slide together with Loctite 401 superglue. The result was a
fine HE-stained slice, but when I tried to do immunology on another slide
the result where as usual (wich means bad).
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