Re: Help requested in selecting a sledge/sliding microtome

From:louise renton

Do you refer to the cutting or the  grinding/milling capabilities of the 
we use both the EXAKT system and Leica SM2500E (same as the Polycut S). The 
EXAKT system is used to cut/grind blocks with titanium implants , which of 
course the Leica would not do.
The Leica is used to cut sections of PMMA embedded undecalcified bone at 
6um. We are very happy with the Leica, and its predecessor, which has been 
going for about 10 years with no problems other than replacement of the 
knife holding screws.
However, to qualify this endorsement I must state the following: I have not 
cut sections greater than 6um (except when trimmingthe block)
I have no knowledge of the milling attachment of the Leica, which looked 
like a friendlier system than the Leica's.

Hope this helps
Louise Renton
Bone Research Unit
South Africa
Tel & fax +27 11 717 2298
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>From: anthony norman 
>To: HistoNet Server 
>Subject: Help requested in selecting a sledge/sliding microtome
>Date: Wed, 18 Dec 2002 12:36:42 -0800
>Hello all,
>I am on the market for a new microtome to section methacrylate embedded, 
>undecalcified bone and soft tissues. Since we are an orthopaedics 
>department and don't believe in doing anything small, the specimens will 
>likely be on the large side (approximately 40mm x 40mm .. probably larger 
>at some point).
>I have obtained a quote on the Leica SM2500 E and a Microm 440 E. 
>Hopefully, I will be receiving information on a system from Hacker 
>Instruments soon. The main question I have is whether anyone out there has 
>used these for such projects and their pros/cons. Aside from the obvious 
>price differences, I want to make sure the system we select is able to 
>reliably reproduce ~20 um thick sections of publication quality. The Leica 
>literature indicates it is designed specifically for such endeavors while 
>the Microm literature remains a little vague on the facts. While the Microm 
>has the ability to rotate the blade holder, I'm thinking this is not 
>necessarily a plus in my application. I have little knowledge of what the 
>Hacker systems might be capable of yet, though the sales folks indicated it 
>was similar to the Leica system (despite not being all that familiar with 
>the specific model I was mentioning).
>Any thoughts and opinions would be greatly appreciated. I am hoping to try 
>and get this through my purchasing dept before the first of the year since 
>Leica is apparently raising their prices another 6% then.
>Tony Norman
>Graduate Research Assistant
>University of Washington
>Box 356500
>Seattle, WA 98195
>Tel: 206.543.3690
>FAX: 206.685.3139

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