Re: FTE Statistics----What are the measurements and ingredients that make up one FTE

Hi Donna,

I have used several ways to measure productivity in the labs I've worked in
in the UK. In the Health Service I used a measurement system based on a
Canadian system that had values for all common histo tasks. Each tech
completed a sheet. This enabled us to assess efficiency since we knew how
much time each tech worked. In your case you could estimate future workload
using your historical data and apply 'average' histo needs to derive an
estimated units required.

Currently, the company I currently work for has a time tracking system,
which logs time for each study, with time entered by individual techs.
Being a pharmaceutical company, our study types have set structures and we
apply 'generic' resource needs to these. To assess resource availability,
each person has a nominal availability of 210 mandays per year. So it is
simple (!!!) to look at projected workload and calculate resource needs vs
availability. We can also use the timetracking system to identify where
there are significant differences between the generic resources and the
actual resources used. The problem with these sort of assessments is
efficiency. What level is acceptable?

In my experience, it does not matter how sophisticated the calculations, if
the powers that be do not want to increase the headcount, they'll use the
efficiency argument, or just ask one simple question.....'Why do you need
someone else now when you are getting the work out now?'

Don't forget to count to 10 before replying to the latter question.


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I am just wondering, how are your FTE statistics weighted in your
facilities.  I would really appreciate help on this.

I thank everyone in advance.

 I am trying to justify a new FTE for our histology department.  I have
collected data for 4 years to show in the increase in blocks, slides and
patient cases.  The data also shows which facility all the above mentioned
material originated from.  I did not separate out the "in" from the "out"
patient information.

I have heard that we no longer use cap as a way of measuring how an FTE is

I am just wondering if some of the following would be involved and how one
might give a value to each one, to determine 100%

blocks embedded
blocks cut
slides stained
slides coversliped

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