Re: Christmas Eve Question


I am in an English NHS lab and we don't get Christmas eve off.
It's 4:30pm now;  all the other staff left shortly after lunch so I
am just "minding the ship&#untiltill 5:15.
The place is very quiet although I understand that our out-patient
clinics are likely to run until 6pm.
So I will get two days off and then we will be back on Friday for
work as usual.
 --- "Dawson, Glen"  wrote: > Just out of
curiosity, does anyone out there in histo-land still
> get
> Christmas Eve off as a holiday?  We got it off up until 5 years ago
> when we
> became a reference lab.  Now, all of our outside clients feel
> obliged to cut
> their staff loose for Christmas Eve and hammer my lab with all of
> their work
> with no feelings of guilt that I am working on a skeleton crew as
> well.  I
> was lucky enough to put in an 11 hour day yesterday and have no
> idea when
> I'll get out of here today.  I think that the Christmas spirit is
> something
> that reference lab histotechs can only hear about because we have
> no time to
> enjoy it ourselves.  Ahhh, Christmas venting feels so good.
> Bah Humbug,
> Glen Dawson  BS, HT & QIHC (ASCP)
> Lead IHC Technologist
> Milwaukee, WI

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