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From:Bruce Gapinski

I may over do it, but if we have a special case to stain Monday AM I cut the
sections on a clean waterbath without adhesive of any kind. I use +(pos)
charged slides. Dry in 58C oven and then freeze them. I also make sure that
I cut the control sections at the same time on the same slide if possible.
That way the staining intensity will be the same in the control as in the
patient tissue. I think this is very important with IHC procedures like
HER-2/neu, where it's the amount of staining that makes the diagnosis. I
have an old article from CAP today where I got this tip.
	Bruce (I am not a rep) Gapinski HT(ASCP)

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From: Jane Hosmer []
Sent: Thursday, January 02, 2003 11:17 AM
Subject: immunoslides-paraffin-storage

I am not involved in the actual staining of immuno slides, just cutting
frozen sections and paraffin sections that are picked up. Someone just
asked me how long the paraffin slides lasted as far as immuno-staining is
concerned and if stored for a while, whether room temperature or
refrigerator temperature was better. So I need your help. Thanks ahead of
time for your replies!!!!!

Jane Hosmer, HT,HTL
UAB Comparative Pathology Lab
Birmingham, Al.

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