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RE: blade rust

Dear Jacob,

I would use a Rust Remover many can be found on a Web Search for the brand available in your region.

If after removal the pitting is deep and effects thin sectioning, you may have to send them to us or someone in your region for regrinding & resharpening this will return the knives to a new condition. This is usually carried out when the facet is very large after many resharpenings.

I hope this is of assistance.

Best regards

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Subject: blade rust

We have recently acquired a Bright OTF cryostat along with four non-disposable
blades.  The blades have rust spots on them that need to be removed.  The blades
may even need to be sharpened?  Does anyone have any advice on how I could
remove the rust (a technique or reagent) myself without having to send the
blades to a commercial vendor?

Thanks in advance!!


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