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From:Bruce Gapinski

I see this as more of a "recapping bottles correctly" issue. The point should be made that you may be exposing yourselves to too much formaldehyde. In my opinion 10%NBF is the best fixative for tissues. You might look into some ventalation for your storage room. Please take care of yourself.
    Bruce (I am not a rep) Gapinski HT(ASCP)
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We keep it for 2 months after the report is signed and mailed.

yan gao wrote:

Hi, Everyone. Happy new year.Our lab. has been kept a lot of wet tissues in10% formalin.   As clients asked, we have to keep these tissue half year or one year.  The storage room become very stinky because of formalin.  I wonder if there is better way to keep wet tissues.  Thanks for your help. Yan GaoToxikon Cor. 

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