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From:"Sebree Linda A."

Hi Alisha,

We've had our Benchmark for almost a year and love it.  Although the online HIER (or cell conditioning) is expensive compared to offline HIER, it truly is a walk away instrument and frees us up to attend to the myriad of other things demanding our attention.  Since we have an ES, NexES IHC module and the Benchmark, we generally run automated protocols on the BMK with whatever pretreatment is called for.  We don't usually do offline deparaffinization and HIER, then put the slides on the BMK; we reserve the NexES IHC module and ES for that. The staining achieved from the BMK is uniform and consistent. We get beautiful EBER stains off the BMK and are currently trying liquid based specimen HPV staining; the results have been equally stunning. Its user friendly and easy to program and Ventana will come in and help with all your protocol development if you need them to. Solutions to technical, staining or instrument issues/problems are just a phone call away.  

Hope this gives you some idea of the capabilities of this instrument.  Feel free to contact us with any further questions.

I do not in any way represent Ventana Medical Systems, Inc.

Linda A. Sebree, HT(ASCP)
University of Wisconsin Hospital & Clinics
IHC/ISH Laboratory
600 Highland Ave.
Madison, WI 53792
FAX: (608)262-7174

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Our lab director is interested in purchasing the Ventana Benchmark. Does
anyone have an opinion about it?

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