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I'm loving my BR still. I've had it 2-3 years. It took me 9 years to talk my Pathologists into getting one! It's paid for itself already. I use it for xylene only. I think the best you can do with alcohol is 95% (5% water), and we don't use that much 95% alcohol. I love it. BR is a great company w/ great support.
    Messy? - No more than decanting into a 55 gallon waste drum, that gets burned for us all to breathe.
    Where used? - everywhere. Processing, staining. etc.
    Processors - 2 VIP 3000
    How many slides do we check? - 100%  Believe me our Pathologists would let us know in a minute if they didn't like what they saw.
    Bruce (I AM NOT A REP) Gapinski HT(ASCP)
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Thanks to all for helping with drying times and job rotation.  Here are other issues we would like the communities help with.  For those who recycle alcohol and xylene:  Have you found it to be cost effective?   How dirty a job is it?  Where do you use the recycled product?  How many tissue processors does your lab have?
For QC on H&E slides how many slides do you check?  We heard a figure of 40% of the slides.
Thank you all

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