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We generally air-dry slides at RT overnight and then for 10 min at 80 deg on the autostainer (Sakura DRS2000) for deparaffinization. If to be done the same day, we dry at RT until they are put on the stainer - one to several hours. We use Plus-slides.
We do rotate some duties. We have one person who does most of the specimen entry and processing, two who rotate routine diagnostic histology duties (H&E, specials) and three who rotate diagnostic IHC duties. All also do projects in which they will do everything (accession/process/section and stain - routine, IHC) for the whole project. In addition, each person is responsible for "taking care" of a given laboratory and/or equipment.
Tim Morken
CDC, Atlanta.
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Good Day,
I hope everyone's Christmas was peaceful and merry!! 
I would like to know how other histology labs dry slides for IHC staining,  time and temperature?
Curious;  do you guys rotate bench duties (job tasks)?  If so, how?

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