From:Melissa Jensen

Came to work this morning.Coworker embedding said.The tissue smells like formalin and..well here you try to embed this! I tried..it wouldn't adhere to the paraffin..just wanted to float.The tissue was rubbery.Checked the processor.No error codes.Formalin was way above level markers and there was formalin in the overflow container.
The overflow container should have solved the problem..and processing continue as normal right? So why did the tissue still smell like formalin?
2.The working day prior..was the cleaning day of the vip.Warm waterflush was done.All reagents changed.When the processor was started for delay,personnel noted the 70% was low..thought they might have become distracted. So topped it off to the level mark.
1.If it was the 70 that was too full..than it should have been the 70%alc in the overflow right?
2.If the processor backed up..cause of to high a level,then the 2nd formalin should have been way full not the first?
2.If the water didn't pump all the way out after station 3.During clean cycle...That could have caused the overflow of formalin.But would have been taken care of at that point..overflow bottle
4.First paraffin had a lot of fluid droplets.

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