Potential HT/HTL seeks advice


Hello Histonetters:

I am not actually an HT or HTL, but a college student who is switching 
majors and interested in becoming one.  I was going to major in information 
systems, but the recent recession has made me aware of how sketchy the 
business sector can be during an economic downturn.  After much research I 
have narrowed it down to majoring either in Radiologic Technology or 
Histology.  I know there is a shortage of radiographers and 
histotechnologists/technicians in the country so I was wondering if any 
current HT or HTL's can give me some specific feedback of how the job 
market is.

The major reason why I am posting this message is because I want to get a 
BS in order to become a histotechnologist...yet moving to FLA or MI for the 
BS histology programs is a little out of my range at this 
moment.  Fortunately, I do live only 20 or so miles from Mt Sac. where they 
offer an HT AS program.  Is anyone familiar with this program and how well 
it prepares students for the working place?  However, when it comes to my 
career, I wanted to obtain a BS so that I can be more qualified for jobs 
and have better advancement opportunities.  Does anyone find that there is 
a lot of disparity between technicians and technologists?  In what areas do 

I am familiar with the NAACLS recommendation of getting a BS in a related 
field in order to sit for the HT exam, however I am encountering problems 
when it comes to choosing a related field.  Most of the California 
universities I have contacted say their biology department does not have 
any histology strengths or even courses and have recommended that their 
programs will not train me for a career in histology.  Can anyone recommend 
a university in CA that offers a biology option that will give me enough 
theory and prepare me for working in histology and to sit for the HTL 
exam?  I know a BS in biology or microbiology will give me the theory 
behind histology, but when it comes to the specific techniques of working 
in the lab, I would have to find a hospital/office that would be willing to 
train me for the NAACLS required year before taking the HTL exam.  Some I 
have talked to recommend that I get the AS at Mt Sac and then go for the 
BS.  But the AS there is not a transfer program.  I have been told by Mt 
Sac advisors that the histology courses will not transfer.  I would have to 
go back and take pre-majors for the BS major.

Even though histology is my first choice, I am drawn to radiology because I 
can get a BS at several schools near my home.  Of course there are other 
reasons why I am concentrating on these areas, but this is too long 
already.  Well, any advice is welcome!

Lisa Suhovy   

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