Dear all histoneters

I must say I enjoyed the rest of your communication through the year 2002. I
like the open spirit of just sailing through matters of life and death the
way you all do. Of life when you all made it possible for correct dianosis
to be carried out and that man / woman's breast, be saved. Of death when the
diagnosis is said to be deadly malignant.

Now of life eternal and death eternal when you go through the Christmas's
and solistice' controversy with ease and jest. I personaly feel that what is
not scriptural is not to be linked with scripture. The celebration of
Christmas has no scriptural bases. Jesus' birth date is not the 25th
December. I have done some research and since discovered that it could not
be. Maybe we are deceived!! A baby in a manger during snowing season, the
sherpards in the wilds during deep winter?

Wishing you all a happy festive season and a prosperous new year. Take care
and God bless.


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