Acid cleaning glassware

From:Priscilla Delventhal

Happy New Year to all in Histoland - thought I would reply to
discussion on acid clean glassware.  I have found that 10% chlorox left
in a coplin jar or glassware for 30 minutes and then rinsed well in
distilled deionized water is sufficient for stains that use metals in
their formulation.  Years ago I remember making up a "nasty" 2 acid
cleaner that I am surprised didn't dissolve any thing that I put into
it (grin) It worked too, but so far the 10% chlorox does the job for me
now.  There may be areas of the different countries that others are in
that the chlorox won't do as complete a cleaning, but I should think
that it would be worth a try.   Any comments?  Priscilla in Wyoming

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