ADPase staining of retina


Dear Histonetters:
Happy New Year!
Here's a message I received regarding glycerogel/ADPase 
histochemistry. If you can help Bavani, please respond directly to him
as I am not sure he is on the list. His email is 

Dear sir,
                I am bavani,i am working in Aravind eye
hospital,India.I Have
been doing pathology of retina.In that I am Mounting the retina with
glycerogel.I want to know what is glycerogel,and the name of the
company which
is supplying a good one.If you find time could you please tell me the
information.Till now iam using buffered glycerol(GLYCEROL in PBS ).If
you have some idea about this ADPase histochemical study on
retina,please help me.
thanking you,
yours sincerely,


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