re: muscle antibodies

From:Browning Deb

We are currently running a large panel of antibodies on frozen sections of
human muscles,
including:  alpha sarcoglycan, beta sarcoglycan, delta, and gamma
sarcoglycans, beta-dystroglycan, dysferlin, dystrophin 1,2,and 3, spectrin,
and merosin.  The merosin is from Chemicon, and all the rest are Novocastra
products.  All of them work very well, with crisp distinct staining of the
muscle membranes.  The dysferlin is not as clear-cut, it sometimes
demonstrates ?diffusion, so the membrane is not crisp, but appears a bit
feathered.  This is fairly new to me, but our new neuropathologist is very
familiar with this staining pattern from her previous immuno lab.
Hope this helps.
Technical Specialist Immunohistochemistry
Anatomic Pathology
HHSC, General site
phone 905 648-8507  ext 46131

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