"NEW" Draft of NAACLS Standards for HT-Histotechnician

From:"Lott, Robert"

* A NAACLS (National Accrediting Agency for Clinical Laboratory Sciences)
task force has been developing new standards for 
  Histotechnician programs.

* To obtain input for the task force, an "open hearing" was conducted at the
annual National Society for Histotechnology S/C in Long
  Beach, CA on October 1, 2002.  A large contingent of Program Directors,
Program officials, and interested parties attended.

* The resulting draft, including changes recommended at the above hearing,
will appear on the NAACLS website (www.naacls.org) 
  until March 15, 2003.

* During this time, further input from program directors and interested
practitioners is AGAIN invited.

* Without further input indicating the need for revision, it is likely that
the NAACLS Board of Directors will vote on the adoption of this 
  draft at their spring meeting.

* Your comments and suggestions are welcome!  Contact the NAACLS office
(773-714-8880) or email to kimball@naacls.org 

* Visit the NAACLS website at: www.naacls.org

* In the middle of the home page, you will find a column of "Announcements."
Highlight and click the topic "Draft of HT Standards."
  This will open ht.pdf file(which will require Adobe Acrobat Reader to
view).  The latest draft is dated November 10, 2002.

Robert L. Lott, HTL(ASCP)
NSH Representative, NAACLS BOD

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