poly-lysine coated slides

From:Marcus Andrews

Dear all:

Is anybody collecting frozen tissue specimens on poly-lys coated glass 
slides?  In order to save cost, we manually coat glass slides with 
poly-L-Lysine (from Sigma), and keep them refrigerated at +4oC for a 
max time of 2-3 weeks before deeming them unusable (presumably due to 
poly-Lys breakdown).  As a large part of our target tissue is neural, 
we prefer to use this method of coating slides.

Does anybody have any clues if coated slides can last for longer 
periods without losing their Lys-charge?  I'm finding that too many 
slides are being wasted due to the time barrier and am not particularly 
sure it's reasonable (however, don't want my analysis to suffer due to 
tissue/slide problems!).

   Marcus Andrews, PhD.
   Department of Physiology,
   Faculty of Medicine,
   University of Toronto,
   1 King's College Circle,
   Toronto, Ontario,
   M5S 1A8


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