equipment 'down time'

From:Anne van Binsbergen

Hi there histonetters
have been reading about the shandon pathcentre 'down time' - excellent 
response from Fischer - just what one would expect from a reliable vendor - 
an understanding that we cannot have machines and not have 'back ups'!
I am in a similar position: our Leica CV 5000 'went down' on 1 Dec and even 
though this vendor is well rpresented in this area - there is not one single 
back up machine available!!
I am constantly told 'we don't need back ups as these machines NEVER have 
'downtime' - and my lab sits with the problem - we have to mannually 
coverslip for 2 weeks!!
Any comments ......

Annie in Arabia

Anatomical Pathology Laboratory
Dept. Pathology and Laboratory Medicine
King Fahd National Guard Hospital
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

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