book purchase for UK resident

From:Patsy Ruegg

Can anyone advise Neil Hand on getting this book purchased in the UK?

I wish to purchase for the laboratory Antigen Retrieval Techniques:
Immunohistochemistry and Molecular morphology.  Eaton Publishing. (ISBN
1-881229-43-0) by SR Shi, J Gu & C Taylor.  Unfortunately, I have been told 
it is out of print and not available in this country.  Do you have a contact 
email address where I could get a copy in the US?
"Hand, Neil" 

Patsy Ruegg, HT(ASCP)QIHC
IHCtech, LLC
Fitzsimmons BioScience Park
12635 Montview Blvd. Suite 216
Aurora, CO 80010
hm email
wk email

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