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From:Gayle Callis

READ!  Visit a lab doing IHC daily and have them school you.  Access the
free DAKO Handbook of Immunochemical Staining Methods for starters. There
is information available on company websites, go to Histosearch, and
Histonet archives. Histonet has tons of info - a bit of searching is
needed, take the time. Newer histotext books have information, along with
other histotechnics, Theory and Practice of Histological Techinique by
Gamble and Bancroft, fifth edition.    

If possible, take a basic IHC workshop, there are regional, state and
national NSH meetings - Louisville next fall.  

A excellent basic book, it is inexpensive besides DAKO handbook -  

Introduction to Immunocytochemistry, Second Edition, Polak and van Noorden,
ISBN# 0-367-91513-3 for soft cover, Springer- Verlag, New York

Most companies have their staining protocols on websites, along with
explanations of their products, VECTOR, or access company directly, tell
them what you want to do, they have protocols/handbooks, etc. KPL is one
company with booklets/handouts.  

Have fun, and Happy Holidays


Gayle Callis
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