From:Ian Montgomery

        I make histophysiology CD-ROM's as teaching aids for honours degree courses in Physiology, Physiology/Sports Science etc. The CD's of the various organ systems have images and text appropriate for the course of study. The students like the system, they see top quality images with clear concise text designed for their course. The students use the CD's in labs, computer clusters or can take them home. I like to go round the students and ask what they think of the CD's, content, usefulness etc. As a general rule they are well received but when I ask how they could be improved the answer is common, "can they be more interactive." Perhaps this is a result of the Tomb Raider generation. So, interaction, I have several ideas for this but at the moment unsure how to implement. Can anyone suggest perhaps a games type program that would let me introduce, Lara Croft and the Loop of Henle.

Dr. Ian Montgomery,
Graham Kerr Building,
Institute of Biomedical & Life Sciences,
University of Glasgow,
G12 8QQ.
Tel: 0141 339 8855
Office: 4652
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