Shandon Pathcentre update

From:Patrick Paulusse

As a follow-up to my previous request, it should be noted that it is Fisher Scientific who is responsible for the sale and maintenance of this particular Shandon Processor.  With this in mind, I was contacted by Shandon Service Representatives from Pittsburgh by 9 am this morning.  After troubleshooting the problem over the phone, they volunteered to contact Fisher Scientific to expedite a resolution of the problem, and they even went so far as to offer a replacement. This, in my opinion, is exceptional service from a company who is proud to stand behind their product.  Good work !!  In the meantime, I should be up and running by the end of the week with a refurished pump.  
Patrick Paulusse
Anatomical Pathology
Pembroke General Hospital
ps. On the bright side, manual processing produces beautiful sections!    

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