Shandon Pathcentre

From:Patrick Paulusse

Hi Histonetters,
I have just had my Shandon Pathcentre go down and have been informed that the pump needs to be replaced.  The unfortunate part is that I've been told that it will take 6 - 8 weeks to get the replacement part.  Being a relatively small hospital and having relied faithfully on Shandon dependability and service for many years (which have never let me down), I am also without a back-up processor.  I am quite surprised that it would take that long to get a part - in today's world of rapid transport and speedy delivery, 6 - 8 weeks for delivery of a vital part seems incredible.  If there is anyone that may be able to help me get the part quicker please post or give me a call.  I am particularly interested in hearing from Shandon Service Representatives that may be able to expedite the process.
Best of the season to all,
Patrick Paulusse
Anatomical Pathology
Pembroke General Hospital
Ontario, Canada
(613) 732-3675 ext. 6176

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