Sakura vs Leica Coverslippers

From:Carole Fields

Sakura vs Leica Coverslippers

We used a Sakura coverslipper w/tape for 10 years with no problems.  I have used the Leica in three locations, only because there was no other glass coverslippers at the time. They are very finicky.  Much of the time in the past, it was the coverslips,  or it would start off crooked As soon as we are able to purchase a new coverslipper we will order the Sakura glass or the Micron glass as I have heard they are very similar. 

The Leica embedding center we had burned up all it's insulation the first 6 months we owned it.  It was being repaired half the time.  I would never buy another one.  Same with their cryostats.  Ours was a lemon.

Carole Fields
Lex Med Ctn
W.Columbia, SC

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