Re: Tissue Processor Alarms and being on call

From:Vicki Gauch

 We do not get extra compensation for situations we can handle over the phone..we get the weekly rate for having the beeper and only get paid above and beyond that if we actually get called IN to the hospital.  Believe me, I wish I got paid for every phone call I answer ..I'd be retired by now ..

Vicki Gauch
Albany, NY

>>> Laurie Colbert  12/11/02 03:05PM >>>
I have been reading the discussion for being on-call for the tissue processors.  How would you all work it if you didn't have to go in but were able to troubleshoot the problem over the phone.  This happens to me occassionally (actually more often than I would like) and the phone call may or may not be brief, but then of course I'm up for another hour trying to go back to sleep.  It'starting to get frustrating!  I usually write in the time I was on the phone, but would on-call apply here also?

Laurie Colbert

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