Re: Sakura vs. Leica coverslippers

From:Vinnie Della Speranza

I can't comment on the validity of this information however I wanted to
make you aware that Sakura has both a tape and a glass coverslipper
instrument now available so that company can offer you choices. I'm not
endorsing their products nor do I have first hand experience with either
of these units but you might want to investigate further to make an
informed decision.

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>>> "Satterfield, Marirose" 
12/11/02 10:02AM >>>
I am a first time user of the Histonet. I have been told it is very
for information.
I have been looking into purchasing a automated coverslip. We have had
several demos in-house. We had found for ease of operation the Sakura
most trouble free. Although when the Leica Reps came in they told us
of slides coverslipped with the tape as popping off and ruining the
They also told us that there was a large company that sued Sakura for
to go back and recover all their slides. So I am interested in hearing
sides of the story from people who have used either coverslipper.
Thanks in advance
Mari Satterfield
Mercy Memorial Hospital
Monroe Mi

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