Re: Kappa/Lambda IHC

From:zenobia haffajee

Hi Cheryl
Yes the Kappa and Lambda stains are a big pain but they do work. Have a look at our recent publication :
Applied Immunohistochemistry and Molecular Morphology 10 (2): 110-114, 2002. Patterns of Immunoglobulin Staining in Paraffin-Embedded Malignant Lymphomas. Leong A S-Y. et al.
Good luck.
Zenobia Haffajee
AIP labs
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From: Cheryl Powell
Sent: Sunday, December 08, 2002 4:41 AM
Subject: Kappa/Lambda IHC

Hi, Botsford recently started up an immuno program and we're constantly adding antibodies.  Kappa/Lamda has been a real pain.  We've tried several companies and so many varations it makes my head spin- but nothing is consistant.  What companies, dilutions, and antigen retrievals are any of you using?  Do you have alot of background or nonspecific staining?

Cheryl Ann Powell B.S., HTL(ASCP)
Botsford General Hospital
Farmington Hills, MI USA

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