Re: Dissolving skeletal muscle from bone

From:Gayle Callis

To macerate tissue away, use Biz detergent (local grocery store)- an enzyme
detergent.  Make a 20% solution and heat bone at 80C until muscle comes,
slides off bone surfaces. The enzyme is the kicker here, eats away at
protein attachments.  It bleachs bones as well, smells better than just
boiling bones.  After Biz treatment, rinse bones well with running tap
water - let them air dry.  

It is a good idea to fix bones with NBF or 70% alcohol, then rinse well
overnight to get rid of formalin - you don't want to inactivate enzyme in
detergent. Also, fixed bone holds together better (cartilage is removed by
BIZ!) and if bones (or parts of same) separate, glue with Duco Cement,
Superglue, or a glue gun after total drying.  Nice way to learn bone
anatomy by putting it back together.  

This method came from Journal of Anatomy, many moons ago, 1980's - to
prepare skulls for gross specimen study. 

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